Usually when it’s time for an Answered Prayers edition, I turn to a book, and copy an excerpt from it, with a prayer answered by a miracle. But it would be remiss of us not to mention the incredible answer to our prayers that happened less than a week ago.

If you receive our newsletter, you might have seen that Franklin Graham organized a prayer march in Washington D.C. last Saturday. If you didn’t attend or catch it on the news, you might not know that an estimated 55,000 people attended! 55,000 thousands Americans traveled from all over the country, some as far away as Florida, just to pray for our country in unison.

If that isn’t an answer to the prevailing prayer that we all have been striving in, I don’t know what is!

Men and women knelt on the grass in the middle of our Nation’s capitol and lifted their voices for our country. Hymns were sung, hands were raised, and tears were shed.

Our Vice President and the Second Lady also attended and prayed with those so many thousands of Americans gathered in one accord.

The march was designed with seven destinations. Each group stopping at each one to pray together and then moving on at their own pace to the next. Those stops included the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the U.S. Capitol.

I hope you are encouraged by this testimony and take heart today to continue in the work you have been diligent in laboring in.

God is working, but He has much more in store for us.

I’ll leave you today with a few words by the prayer warrior, Charles Spurgeon:

“O Lord, revive Thy work in the midst of the years…in wrath remember mercy.” (Hab.3:2) Let God but throw the stone into the stagnant pool of His church and I can see the waves of revival going out all around the world. God’s kingdom will spread and the days of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord. Let us now say in His sight, that even if He does not please to hear us at the beginning of the supplications, it is our desire to wait upo